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Smart Meters

Smart Meters

Our SMART Meters Rollout Programme

In common with all energy suppliers Yorkshire Gas & Power are rolling out smart meters to our customers across the UK, as the Government requires every home and business to benefit from Smart meters by 2022.

But what are the benefits of having a smart meter for your business and how do you get one?

Why are you getting a smart meter for business?
  • No more manual meter readings giving you time back to run your business – smart meters send automatic meter readings to us, so you don’t have to.
  • More accurate bills so you only pay for the energy you use – goodbye to estimated bills that may be higher than you’d budgeted for
  • Smart meters work even if you switch energy supplier. Through a process called adoption and enrolment all smart meters are now part of the secure national network that allows data to be sent from your smart meter to the energy supplier you choose.
What’s a smart meter and how does it work?

Smart meters are the next generation of meter technologies and are changing the way many businesses manage their energy. They work by transmitting data through a communications hub to a company called DCC (Data and Communications Company). DCC manages the communications infrastructure that connects smart meters with the business systems of energy suppliers and network operators via a secure wireless network.

Once you’re connected, we’ll regularly receive your smart meter readings. You’ll no longer need to send us manual meter readings and you’ll get more accurate bills as you’ll only be charged for the energy you’ve used.


How do I get a smart meter for my business?

Smart meter upgrades are free. We’re contacting all eligible business customers to arrange smart meter installations between now and January 2022. If you’re a Yorkshire Gas & Power business customer and we haven’t already been in touch, you can contact our installation partners Energy Assets Limited (EAL) and they will arrange everything for you.

How long will it take to install my smart meter?

It takes around an hour to install your smart meter. During this time your energy will need to be turned off for around 45 minutes. Someone will need to be on site to meet our engineer and make sure the access is clear to avoid any delays.

Who will install my smart meter?

A fully trained engineer from our trusted installation partner Energy Assets Limited (EAL) – they’ll contact you to arrange your installation date and show you how it works.


Do I need to have a good mobile signal?

Yes. Smart meters can use a variety of mobile networks and our engineer will choose the best. If you think you’ll have a signal problem, please let us know when we arrange your installation.


Do smart meters reduce energy costs?

A smart meter will not reduce your energy costs, but the accurate energy data can help you manage your energy usage and reduce your bills.


Will I still get estimated bills?

Once connected, we will receive automatic meter readings from your smart meter, so you get accurate bills. Occasionally the mobile signal may drop. If this happens, your bill will be estimated.


What if there’s a problem with my smart meter?

If your meter hasn’t been connected properly or isn’t working correctly, we’ll fix it for you – free of charge.
Find out more about smart meters and the national roll out.



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