December 11, 2020

Our Green Energy Commitment

In the middle of the worst economic crisis in a century, our Commercial Team are committed to making a positive contribution to society.

Renewable energy sourcing and climate related disclosures are as important as our Customer Service.

As result of the pandemic, pollution levels have fallen dramatically through reduced fossil fuel consumption. We have seen a trend that renewable power, on an average working day, accounted for only 34% of volume in 2019 and increased to 51% in 2020. The most noticeable leap here is the contribution of wind power to the grid. A source not everyone would choose to rely on in dire circumstance, yet it performed beyond requirements. Even better than solar in one of the sunniest springs in the UK in living memory.

*Illustrations created from data available on Elexon BM reports web portal, contains domestic generation only. Imports are excluded. Data range 01/04 – 30/11

It is our firm belief this is just the start of significant change for UK Energy Generation. Energy companies need to continue to do more to invest in renewable energy in the UK. This makes me pleased to announce that we have also increased our renewable energy mix this week! Following our Yorkshire Green Energy initiative earlier in the year, we have completed further arrangements to supply even more renewable energy in the UK. All this is aimed towards our self-set 2021 initiative for new contracts to be supplied by renewable energy.

You can view our fuel mix disclosure on our About Us page, we offer 100% renewable electricity in our aim to be the leading small business supplier for renewable energy.

Steven Prusinski-Stills
Steven Prusinski-Stills

Commercial Manager