October 14, 2022

Understanding energy efficiency

So what does being energy efficient mean?

Well simply put, being energy efficient is using the same or less energy to produce the same or better result.

Being energy efficient is one of the best ways to tackle climate issues and reduce energy costs for your business.

It also helps you take steps towards being net-zero.

Energy efficient businesses will often use less energy to power their appliances, recently lots of businesses have taken steps to swap out less efficient products for more efficient ones.

Businesses such as cafes are swapping out appliances like halogen light bulbs for LEDs.

It’s important to know that LED’s are known to reduce energy usage by 80%, they are brighter than halogen bulbs and  last around 4 times longer than traditional bulbs.

This means that you are getting a better result than before, and with a lower energy usage.

What other ways can I be energy efficient in my business?

There’s plenty of additional ways you can be more efficient, we’ve listed some of these below:

  • Buy efficient appliances for the office/business, such as dishwashers or kettles
  • Install timed thermostats to regulate the temperature and ensure the aircon is only on in required hours
  • Setting your office fridges at the right temperature
  • Switching off appliances when you leave for the day

So what’s other benefits do I get?

There are lots of other benefits to being energy efficient, so let’s take a look at these. 

  • Cost saving
  • More reliable products
  • Environmental benefits
  • More resilient products
  • Health benefits
  • Take steps to become net-zero

Research also shows that on average that improving energy efficiency at home can reduce you energy bills by up to 20%.

It’s clear being efficient is vital, so looking at new solutions for heating, lighting and electricity is the key.

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Steven Prusinski-Stills
Steven Prusinski-Stills

Commercial Manager