November 2, 2022

Five ways to save energy at work

Businesses are watching costs more than ever, so here are five ways to save energy at work. 

Making changes to the way you operate can lead the way to big savings. 

It’s important to be aware of where and when you’re using energy.

This allows you to identify where you can save in the long term. 

At YGP we would always recommend looking to get a SMART meter installed.

But in the meantime, here are five ways to save energy at work.

1. Shutting fridge doors

For refrigerated cabinets in shops, consider fitting low-cost PVC adhesives that keep the temperature right and show what is inside. 

In hotels and restaurants, on average, it will cost you £4 every hour a freezer door stays open. 

In offices leaving your fridge open can cost you around £1 an hour. 

2. Don’t waste heat

Keep doors and windows closed when heating or air conditioning is running.

Fit draught excluders. Making sure your premises are well insulated is cost-effective.

3. Turn off any appliances 

In businesses like manufacturing plants, motors are hidden within machinery.

They are often forgotten and left running when not in use.

Save energy by identifying and turning them off during breaks or job changes. 

This is the same for appliances in offices, so make sure they not left on when not required. 

All about the freezing strategy

4. Stock your fridges and freezers 

Stocking your fridge and freezers has been proven to reduce energy spend.

In fridges it’s important to keep space so that the air can flow and keep your products cool.

The same for your freezer, keeping your freezer full means that having more frozen products requires less energy to keep them frozen. 

5. Filling the kettle

Only fill the kettle with the water that you need.

This has been shown to save around £60 a year for household that use the kettle four times a day.

Scaling that to your business, there will be bigger savings to make!

These are just five ways to save energy at work.

Why not try them and send us your own handy hints to pass onto our customers!

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Steven Prusinski-Stills
Steven Prusinski-Stills

Commercial Manager