January 9, 2023

Why should a business go green?

There are several reasons that companies of all sizes are looking to go green.

We’ve listed some advantages of making your business more eco-friendly.

1. Boosted Image

Ramping up your green credentials could give you an edge when it comes to standing out.

More and more people are attracted to brands that source services and materials in a highly ethical way as well.

Some people are saying that big corporations should be doing more to tackle environmental issues.

2. Increased productivity and reduced costs

Efficiency saves money, so thinking carefully about how to make your business waste as little as possible will have a knock-on effect to costs.

In trials, a new ‘green calculator’ from O2 could find an average potential annual saving of £2.6m for a company of 1,000 employees.

But it’s not just large companies that could see lower costs by going green.

Relatively minor improvements to lighting, heating, water and waste management could see ‘significant savings‘ for SMEs.

3. Better financial and investment opportunities

Green-focused start-ups can often take advantage of a far wider range of grants, loans and funding than a traditional business might.

And there are also many county-specific grants available to boost local green businesses.

Don’t forget the smaller changes you can enact and be rewarded for.

Anything from installing charging points for electric vehicles at your workplace, to joining the Cycle to Work scheme.

4. Increased preparedness for future legislation

Going green may involve an outlay now, but it could save you a significant amount further down the line, should the Government or your industry enforce specific green provisions or regulations.

5. Green as a status symbol

More than ever, consumers are swapping out traditional status symbols for their cooler, greener counterparts.

Think Teslas instead of a petrol or diesel-powered supercars, and solar-powered eco-homes instead of mega-mansions.

6. Impact on employee morale

Ensuring your workplace has sustainability in both its mission impact statement and day-to-day duties has been proven to improve recruitment, retention and morale of employees.

Staff have shown to have an increased sense of loyalty, pride and satisfaction in working for a company that has strong ethical and environmental leanings.

7. Healthier work environment for employees

As well as cheaper bicycles; improving ventilation, adding greenery, and swapping out regular light  bulbs for LED ones have proven to have improved staff’s physical health both inside and outside of the workplace

As well as these changes, the likes of flexible working and break-out spaces have been proven to boost staff’s mental wellbeing.

So how do I get started with going green?

You don’t have to wait until you have a full-blown sustainability strategy to make small changes that have a big impact.

From recycling your coffee grounds to sourcing recyclable product packaging, there are plenty of things you can do today.  Don’t Delay.

Yorkshire Gas and Power are with you every step of the way.

To find out more about the company visit www.ygp.co.uk

Steven Prusinski-Stills
Steven Prusinski-Stills

Commercial Manager