Five tips to get ready for winter water

The cold weather can pose a challenge for business owners when it comes to water management. Here are some ways to help minimise the impact of the winter season on your property. This is five tips to get ready for winter water. 1 – The cold weather can cause pipes to break and leak. This […]

Why your business should have a smart meter

By 2025, all energy companies in England, Scotland and Wales are required to have offered their customers a smart meter for both their gas and electric. This is all part of an update the Government has made to Britain’s energy infrastructure. Everyone is entitled to a smart meter, but you don’t have to accept one […]

Can your business benefit from an energy audit?

As energy costs rise, it’s important that businesses understand their energy consumption. So can your business benefit from an energy audit? An energy audit can help you identify areas where you can improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Aside from being able to identify potential savings, an energy audit can also help improve the […]

Five ways to save over Bank Holiday

One of the most challenging factors in running a business is managing operational costs. If you close down for the weekend or for a few days longer for Bank Holiday, Christmas or Easter, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself from unexpected expenses. Here are five ways YGP can help your […]

Thinking of our customers’ needs

The energy industry is a vital part of the nation’s economy, supplying over 30 million homes and businesses with electricity, gas, and heat. During the pandemic, the energy industry worked quickly to address the concerns of its customers. The high cost of gas has severely affected the energy retail industry’s profitability. Since August 2021, over […]