October 20, 2023

Why your business should have a smart meter

By 2025, all energy companies in England, Scotland and Wales are required to have offered their customers a smart meter for both their gas and electric.

This is all part of an update the Government has made to Britain’s energy infrastructure.

Everyone is entitled to a smart meter, but you don’t have to accept one if you don’t want it.

However, without a smart meter you may not be able to access all tariffs.

Smart Meters eliminate the need for estimated billing.

Use technology to get a better reading

They provide you with an accurate, digital reading that uses a secure smart data network to automatically share your energy usage with your provider each month.

That way, you know that you’re paying for what you’re using – and no more.

So, are smart meters worth it?

And why are energy companies pushing smart meters for businesses?

If you’re wondering whether to set one up in your office, here are a few of the benefits of smart meters for businesses:

  1. They provide more accurate business electricity and gas bills as they take regular and more accurate readings – meaning you won’t be overcharged or be in credit with your supplier
  2. They offer an insight into your energy use behaviour and improve your awareness of energy consumption, giving you the opportunity to reduce your usage throughout off-peak times.
  3. Your energy usage and costings are displayed on a real-time monitor that is supplied to you by your provider – when you understand your usage, it’s easier to start saving money.
  4. If you notice any sudden spikes or any unusual activity on the display screen, these may be associated with a defective appliance. By identifying this faulty equipment in a prompt manner, you can ensure that the situation is dealt with efficiently and safely.
  5. As these smart devices submit your meter readings automatically, you no longer need to remember to submit them yourself – taking away the admin and the extra faff!
  6. Businesses and suppliers are moving towards a smart future, so smart meters are becoming much more popular – meaning providers are beginning to favour them which opens up a wider range of tariffs if you have one. They’re often much cheaper, too.

A smart meter can save you money

If you are energy conscious or looking to save money, then it is definitely worth installing a smart meter.

Whether your business runs from home or an office, you can use the meter to monitor your usage and your power consumption, meaning you can adjust how you work accordingly to cut costs and do your bit for the environment.

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Steven Prusinski-Stills
Steven Prusinski-Stills

Commercial Manager