Thinking of our customers’ needs

The energy industry is a vital part of the nation’s economy, supplying over 30 million homes and businesses with electricity, gas, and heat. During the pandemic, the energy industry worked quickly to address the concerns of its customers. The high cost of gas has severely affected the energy retail industry’s profitability. Since August 2021, over […]

The price of gas – what does it mean?

Since August 2021, the price of gas has been volatile and this has led to record increases in wholesale gas prices. The price of gas has started to fall on what is known as the “day ahead” market. This is where you can buy gas for immediate use. Although the price of gas can change […]

Our Green Energy Commitment

In the middle of the worst economic crisis in a century, our Commercial Team are committed to making a positive contribution to society. Renewable energy sourcing and climate related disclosures are as important as our Customer Service. As result of the pandemic, pollution levels have fallen dramatically through reduced fossil fuel consumption. We have seen […]