Handy heating tips

This might sound like a parent talking, but here are some handy heating tips from us at YGP to help keep the warmth in your homes. Something vital during the current climate – don’t you agree? While ventilation is important to improve air quality, it’s also the first step in preventing heat escapes. It might […]

How do I switch to YGP?

If you have a business and are planning on moving to a new energy provider, such as Yorkshire Gas and Power, then you need to know how do I switch to YGP? While the differences between business and domestic energy are relatively minor, the online sign-up process is very quick and simple. First, we need […]

Can your business benefit from an energy audit?

As energy costs rise, it’s important that businesses understand their energy consumption. So can your business benefit from an energy audit? An energy audit can help you identify areas where you can improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Aside from being able to identify potential savings, an energy audit can also help improve the […]

Five ways to save over Bank Holiday

One of the most challenging factors in running a business is managing operational costs. If you close down for the weekend or for a few days longer for Bank Holiday, Christmas or Easter, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself from unexpected expenses. Here are five ways YGP can help your […]

Why should a business go green?

There are several reasons that companies of all sizes are looking to go green. We’ve listed some advantages of making your business more eco-friendly. 1. Boosted Image Ramping up your green credentials could give you an edge when it comes to standing out. More and more people are attracted to brands that source services and […]

Five ways to save energy at work

Businesses are watching costs more than ever, so here are five ways to save energy at work.  Making changes to the way you operate can lead the way to big savings.  It’s important to be aware of where and when you’re using energy. This allows you to identify where you can save in the long term.  At YGP we would always recommend looking […]

Understanding energy efficiency

So what does being energy efficient mean? Well simply put, being energy efficient is using the same or less energy to produce the same or better result. Being energy efficient is one of the best ways to tackle climate issues and reduce energy costs for your business. It also helps you take steps towards being […]

Five energy saving tips for your business

Businesses are keeping a closer eye than ever on their energy costs. Making small changes to the way you operate can sometimes mean big savings. It’s important to be aware of where and when you’re using energy. This allows you to identify where you can save in the long term. To help, we always recommend […]

Clean energy is a win-win solution

Clean energy is a win-win solution – good for the environment and good for the balance sheet. In the not-too-distant past, energy decisions often boiled down to a choice. This was between the environment and economics, with the best path forward frequently out of reach due to cost. However, as technology evolves, sustainable energy options […]

The price of gas – what does it mean?

Since August 2021, the price of gas has been volatile and this has led to record increases in wholesale gas prices. The price of gas has started to fall on what is known as the “day ahead” market. This is where you can buy gas for immediate use. Although the price of gas can change […]